About Us


Durham Vineyard is part of the family of Vineyard churches across the UK and Ireland and around the world. It was planted by our pastors Peter and Tina MacLellan in 2006. You can check out the things we do in the activities section but here we give you some of the background to our church as well as our vision and values.

Our Pastors

Peter and Tina MacLellan are pastors of Durham Vineyard.


"We moved to Durham in August 2006 after nine years living in Somerset. We spent three years at Wells Vineyard where we were part of the leadership team. We are very settled in the Durham area now, having been fairly nomadic previously with time living in Germany and California as well as various parts of the UK. Peter is originally from Glasgow and Tina spent much of her childhood in Manchester. We have three grown up children and recently welcomed our first grandchild!


We have loved getting to know Durham and the surrounding area though we often feel new - especially as so many of the people we’ve spoken to have lived here all their lives! We’re still exploring and getting to know the people and places properly.


Tina teaches English as a foreign language and Peter is CEO of Durham Christian Partnership which includes the StreetLights and Foodbank projects and several more. New projects for the Partnership seem to come along at a great rate and the more we do the more we’re asked to do which is very exciting though it can get rather busy!


We want to see a church that has a real family and community feel to it has something for all ages stages and backgrounds and where everyone feels welcome as we try to serve God and become more like Jesus. We would love to meet anyone who is interested in what we’re doing so please get in touch."


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Our Vision and Values


  Loving God, loving people...

Our Purpose

To gather together a family of imperfect people, helping and encouraging each other to follow Jesus, serve the community, and bring love and life to the hurting through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Our Values

Our values embrace those of the Vineyard churches worldwide. They are expressed in the elements of our Purpose statement as follows:


We value simplicity and informality. We want to be a relaxed, open, and inclusive community where people feel loved and secure. We should look and feel like a properly functioning family.

Imperfect people

We are all imperfect people. We are each dependent on God's grace and are in a process of being transformed by Him to become more like Jesus. So we should be open and accepting of each other, recognising others are also in that process, loving one another in humility and grace.

Helping and encouraging each other

We learn from each other and from God. Meeting together in small groups allows us to build relationships where we can care and minister to each other. We recognise that it is only when we join together that we grow and develop maturity and can use the gifts the Holy Spirit gives us. God can use our gifts and abilities as a team to achieve what we cannot do individually. We are dependent on God and interdependent on each other. We will organise training to help us develop our gifts and ministries, and to enable people to fulfil leadership functions.

Following Jesus

We are trying to learn to do what Jesus did and taught

so that we can apply it to our daily lives. We will learn from the Bible how we should live and look to God to lead and guide us. We therefore seek God, talk and listen to Him, worship Him and love Him. Our songs are accessible, contemporary and intimate. We will aim to do everything wholeheartedly and with excellence as an act of worship to God.

Serving the Community

If we love people and see them as Jesus does then we will want to serve and bless them, giving away what God has given us. Our relationship with other churches and the wider community is driven by Jesus' teaching. Jesus condemned injustice and commanded us to help the poor, widows, orphans, strangers, prisoners, the hungry and thirsty. We will seek to involve everyone in serving these groups.

Bringing love and life to the hurting

Introducing people to Jesus, listening, ministering and caring for those who hurt. Planting new churches and supporting mission.

The power of the Holy Spirit

We are dependant on the gifts and power provided by the Holy Spirit to achieve what God leads us to do and will try to use these gifts to the full, expecting to see physical healing and other miracles.