Student Welcome Events

We're welcoming our new students to Durham with some special events - see our student page and diary for details.

Creative Worship

As the last part of our summer of doing church differently, Gareth and Jan transformed our usual church building into an artist's workshop. Each person had their own work space and was given a range of supplies, including a blank canvas. Various pictures were spread around the tables for inspiration but people were left to use this space to express worship and love for God in whatever way they chose. Artistic talent wasn't a requirement and many people surprised themselves! Below are some of the beautiful pictures people created.

Low Force to High Force Walk

We sometimes take advantage of sunny days to be church outside, explore some of the amazing sites in County Durham and spend time relaxing together as a church family. 

A group of us walked from Low Force to High Force waterfall, where we enjoyed a picnic in stunning surroundings. The views were truly beautiful and it was a great day of fellowship and laughter. 


Sam, Alan, and Charisse came to know Jesus through the Alpha course, we ran at the Brandon drop-in.

Their baptism was a very special day for each of them and a wonderful day for us as a church family. We celebrated together with a bring and share lunch.

Baptisms are always a great family occasion and a special time for all of us as we celebrate a person's decision to follow Jesus and become a part of God's family. 

Over the past few years we have had the privilege of baptising our friends in the sea at Seaton Carew, in the pool at Durham City Baptist Church, and as part of the Chinese church at Elvet Methodist. The photos capture the joy of these events. 


In August 2017, Malcolm - a regular at the Durham drop-in - made the decision to follow Christ. He was baptised in the sea at Seaton Carew. The weather was lovely, although the sea was cold! 

Grace and Lyn, a couple of international students, were baptised in the pool at the Durham City Baptist Church. It was a great family occasion, and a special time for all of us.